Monday, December 26, 2011

New PB Buffalo, and a few tiny cats

About a week ago a few friends and I decided to try our luck at the crappie in White Rock Creek, well it didn't go so well so we decided to leave. I recommended a little pond that I knew (Caruth Park) had a few channels and some nice carp in it. We ended up catching a few each.
Talk to the fish
Townsend with a nice channel
Haha, Dylan with a little bullhead.

A few days ago I tried my luck at some carp fishing with Austin at a pond he had been having a lot of luck at lately. I didn't take me long to catch my first common at 6lbs but we then waited a few hours without a fish.Austin started talking to someone on the phone and I quickly got tired of him talking so I went out to a dock to try for some bass. I was gone for maybe 15mins but when I came back my rod was gone and Austin had something in the net while still talking on the phone. I looked down on a buffalo that went 21-2 and I was pissed. Austin took my rod, netted and landed a fish while talking on the phone the whole time. 
Shortly after I had another run and was there to get it. I did end up catching it and it was my new PB at    19-9. This fish made the whole trip worth it.
That was my last fish of the day, but Austin landed another buff and a fat channel cat. The next morning we went to Moore RD. Park for some more carp and buffs. I blanked because I left early but Austin caught this nice one before I left.

I'm leaving tomorrow for camp Cherokee in East Texas. Hopefully I'll get some nice bass and and a grass carp while I am there.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Camp Cherokee, Thanksgiving, and Lefty Kreh

Two weeks ago I did a wilderness survival camp out where I had to build my own shelter and spend the night in it as well as cook your own food and start a fire with a flint striker. I did a little fishing and caught a few bass as well as foul hooking a 30lb grass carp on a red-eye shad that shook itself off.
Yes I really did have to sleep under that. It sucked! I got bitten by every known bug indigenous to the area. 
Biggest bass of the trip.

For Thanksgiving weekend we always head up to Washington DC to my grandmothers house in Alexandria VA. Its not really a fishing trip but I did catch a few creek chub, a bass, and a pumpkinseed in the creek across the street from her house.

For school I have to do a project on an autobiography of our choice. I decided who better to do it on than Lefty Kreh. So I bought his book My Life Was This Big on my kindle. Then I remembered he was actually in town this weekend signing book down at Tailwaters Fly shop and I decided to meet the Legend for myself. I stood in the line without anything to sign but told him I bought an eBook of his and he told me a story of a year so ago where he was stranded in an airport for 7hour. The first thing he did when he got home was buy a kindle and said he doesn't go anywhere without it now. I ended up also getting a picture with him too.   

My fishlog 2011

Decided my fishlog is getting way too long for the tff lol and will only get longer (hopefully), so here it is

Fish of 2012: