Monday, December 26, 2011

New PB Buffalo, and a few tiny cats

About a week ago a few friends and I decided to try our luck at the crappie in White Rock Creek, well it didn't go so well so we decided to leave. I recommended a little pond that I knew (Caruth Park) had a few channels and some nice carp in it. We ended up catching a few each.
Talk to the fish
Townsend with a nice channel
Haha, Dylan with a little bullhead.

A few days ago I tried my luck at some carp fishing with Austin at a pond he had been having a lot of luck at lately. I didn't take me long to catch my first common at 6lbs but we then waited a few hours without a fish.Austin started talking to someone on the phone and I quickly got tired of him talking so I went out to a dock to try for some bass. I was gone for maybe 15mins but when I came back my rod was gone and Austin had something in the net while still talking on the phone. I looked down on a buffalo that went 21-2 and I was pissed. Austin took my rod, netted and landed a fish while talking on the phone the whole time. 
Shortly after I had another run and was there to get it. I did end up catching it and it was my new PB at    19-9. This fish made the whole trip worth it.
That was my last fish of the day, but Austin landed another buff and a fat channel cat. The next morning we went to Moore RD. Park for some more carp and buffs. I blanked because I left early but Austin caught this nice one before I left.

I'm leaving tomorrow for camp Cherokee in East Texas. Hopefully I'll get some nice bass and and a grass carp while I am there.

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