Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Too hot to fish...

Lack of reports due to it being way to hot to fish. My days for the past two weeks pretty much went like this...Wake up...walk dogs and water plants before it gets too hot...play on xbox until midnight... and repeat unless I spent the night at a friends house and even then it was pretty much the same story. I fished for the first time tonight in two weeks at a neighborhood pond. Besides a few undersized bass and bluegill the only thing I thought to take a picture of was a little channel cat I got on a roadrunner I was working pretty fast just about at dark. It surprised me to say the least...
Crappy iPhone pic. Cypress Springs is coming up in a few days so stay tuned to see some nice fish pics and if I get lucky maybe a gar or bowfin.  

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My fishlog 2011

Decided my fishlog is getting way too long for the tff lol and will only get longer (hopefully), so here it is

Fish of 2012: