Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cypress Springs

Spent the weekend with the family and a friend at Lake Cypress Springs. Fishing was much tougher than it usually is in the Spring plus the lake was about 3ft low to make things worse but we still caught fish. I would have a ton more pics but my smart ass brother thought it would be funny to delete 1/2 of them so I lost pics of my 18in sandbass and some catfish. We had a ton of trouble getting the bass boat working so I didn't get to do much fishing on it either. 
First interesting catch was a logperch in a castnet. First time I have ever seen one in person, but he didn't make it and became catfish bait.
Silly little catfish
I got into some nice spotted bass in the lights at night including one that was over 3.5lbs. The biggest one in this pic is only 2.5. I don't think I caught a single largemouth the entire trip.
While fishing in a light for sandbass and catfish I noticed a long and skinny object circling the light. As it came closer into the light I then realized it was about a 2ft long spotted gar. I looked to my brother and said I was only using 4lb line and I was almost sure to lose it. He told me to just go ahead and cast at it before it returned to the dark depths of the lake. First cast I hooked it and got it all the way to the dock and just as my brother was about to net it the line was cut. I was pissed but of course it was expected and it was the first gar I have ever knowingly hooked.
I was really hoping to get into the crappie this trip but of course the only person who caught one was my little bro who hates fishing but my dad made me take him out when we went fishing under the bridge. He ended up catching the only blue cat of the trip too.
We still got plenty for dinner

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