Thursday, August 18, 2011

A break in the weather (sort of)

Realizing it had been a little too long since I've hit up Austin to go for some carp and upper 70s weather made me go crazy for some fish. Fishing was slow at first with only a few runs that we mostly missed beside a small carp and cat caught by Austin of course an a nice warmouth I got.
We were packing up about to give up when the most amazing thing I have ever seen happened. At once all three of  Austin's rods shot off at once. I reeled one in by myself that ended up being a little six and I count that one for myself and then ran over to Austin who was holding two rods at once and reeled in the smaller of the fish that ended up being a nice little 10.

I have another pic of us with the fish but they are really blurry when i try to upload them on here for some reason. I'll sort this out soon hopefully.

Saturday I'm going with some friends to Lavon for some catfish and drum so I should have some more fish pics before school starts. I'm not looking forward to it.

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My fishlog 2011

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