Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm alive!!

With school starting in August I haven't been able to do much fishing. Here's a few pics from a couple weeks at the pond on the creek that runs by my house while fishing with a friend. Biggest fish was a 3.5 caught off a ultralite with 4lb line. We had a lot of trouble getting it in through the weeds.

 Last weekend I went with the family to Galveston on the Jamaica Beach canals for a long weekend getaway. Fishing pretty much sucked (at least in the lights) on the canals anyway. I mostly caught those pigfish with a black drum, a hardhead, and a croaker thrown into that. Crabbing was very good an we took plenty home for dinner. One other thing that sucked about the trip was it dumped 8 inches of rain on us while we were there.

Double Rainbow!! Not sure why its not coming up clear on the computer it looks great in the camera?  
My dad and decided to brave the rainy weather an try our luck on the 61st St. Pier. We didn't catch anything huge but got enough croaker for 2 dinners. While we were they a kid his friend, and dad were having pretty good luck I'd say. Yes he really did catch this 35lb red on his own with the only needing help when it was being netted.

All of these were caught in one trap

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  1. That looks like some awesome pier fishing. congrats!


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