Monday, October 31, 2011

Breckenridge Park

So I found out my little brother was going to this park for a baseball game...I've been meaning to try this spot for a long time so I asked my mom if I can and her response was "So I'm guessing there's a pond there". Yup.
I didn't want to bring any carp stuff since I didn't have much time there so I just took a bait caster and a light spinning rod for crappie. I started casting a LFT live baby shad and within 20casts I hooked something very large. It took off running about 20ft  and immediately I knew it was no bass. Shortly after I got it to the surface and saw it was a chunky carp. Now there was a major problem...I had not net and the bank below me dropped off 5ft and was covered with shrubs and bushes. I had to work the fish 50ft down the bank to a spot that wasn't weeded out and slid down the bank about 4ft to finish the fight. In all it took about 15mins to land the fish.
I somehow wrestled the fish up the bank (thank god it was only 5lbs) and took a quick picture, then slid back down the bank and threw the carp back into the water while almost falling into the water.
 I tried showing how steep the bank was in this picture but it just doesn't give it justice.
I moved all my gear to a spot I could easily land all fish when I saw a big swirl. I threw the jig on top of it and immediately something took off with it but then spit the hook leaving a huge cloud of muck behind it.  There was more activity from carps around this spot but somehow I didn't hook anything else but two small crappie and the bigger one of the pair was camera shy and fell back into the water before I could take a picture. I  never got any bass today.

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