Monday, May 16, 2011

Tailwaters, then carpin, then flyfishin, then carpin again

Saturday 5/14, I went to the Tailwaters 4th aniversary party with Austin.  Got to try out a rod or two and took advantage of the free hot dogs, crawfish, and 25cent flys. After that I went home with his grandpa to Scott's Landing marina for some carp. I blanked hard but Austin caught about 4 carp including a 16 with a huge gash down its side. Some damn bowfisherman had shot it just grazed the fish. The next morning we woke up early and road our bikes to a few canals by his house. Austin hooked what I though was a dark green sunfish but when we got it to shore it was a warmouth! A new species for Austin in the multispecies contest!  Before we could say anything it flopped back iinto the water and Austin was pissed. We fished a little more there without catching any more warmouth. Austin had been talking to Ryan and Eric who spent the night at Katie's woods and had been catching like crazy all night. When we got there we had one of the most amazing sessions in our life. I could only stay for a few our but caught 3 buffalo and 4 carp. I got new PBs for both of those species (12.5 carp and 12 buffalo) as well as two new species for the multispecies contest. I think between the 4 of us there were over 75 carp, buffalo, and catfish caught.
PB Buff
 PB common

swirly buff

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